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Hate Crime and Violence
Between 2007 and 2017, at least 11 cases of murder have been reported in the media. However, many other cases of hate crime and violence are unreported and undocumented.  In these 10 cases, the trans women were subjected to brutal violence, including being beaten to death with a hammer, strangled, gagged, stabbed multiple times, physically assaulted, pushed from a building, drowned in a water retention pond, etc.

I AM YOU campaign
The I am you: Be A Trans Ally, also known as the I AM YOU or transally campaign aims to raise awareness about gender, trans identities, gender diversity and the discrimination faced by transgender persons to foster understanding, and promote tolerance as well as acceptance towards trans people and gender diversity in our society.

Chit Chat bersama Jelita
Follow Jelita on Chit Chat bersama Jelita as she explores and explains gender identity, trans* identities and issues faced by trans* persons. Chit Chat bersama Jelita is a web talk show in Malay language with english subtitles by the I AM YOU campaign.